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Gift of Love: Keith

We met up with 14 year old Keith at Chuck E. Cheese and had a blast working our way through all of the games. While he beat me at pretty much every game, I learned Keith likes a number of things.

"I like to play a little sports, I like to play the flute, I enjoy school and I just like family time," Keith said.

He also enjoys reading books. Right now, Keith is reading Harry Potter and Transformers. He also likes to play games and sports.

"I like basketball. I like football and a little bit of baseball," Keith said.

And like most active teen age boys, Keith loves to eat!

"I like sloppy joes, I like german chocolate cake and I like pizza," Keith said.

And Keith really loves music.

"What got me into music was joining the band in 5th grade and I've just enjoyed it ever since," Keith said.

Keith likes playing the flute and hopes to learn how to play a few more instruments.

"I'd like to learn to play saxophone, drums and maybe the trumpet," Keith said.

As for his three wishes, they all include travel!

"The first thing I would like to do, I've always had a dream about going to Greece and learning about the history there," Keith said.

He would also like to visit France, Italy and Japan too. Keith says he has a passion for learning about other cultures.

"I would like to learn a lot of different languages," Keith said.

Keith needs a family who can provide him with guidance, structure, stability, and routine. They will need to be understanding and patient, realizing that he may need added instruction to stay on task. And most importantly show Keith the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Keith you can call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.

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