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Better East Texas: TransCanada Pipeline

By Pat Stacey

We are in a serious delay in a decision on the TransCanada Keystone X-L oil pipeline that is planned to run from Alberta, Canada to the gulf coast refineries right through east Texas. 

Opponents have cited environmental risks throughout the process and many rural homeowners are against it as well.  The project has been cited as a national jobs creator but organized opposition has been strong. 

The pipeline has been in works for a number of years and just recently the State Department has initiated a new review that will place the decision on the pipeline into 2013, well after the twenty-twelve presidential election. 

I am sure that east Texans fall on both sides of this decision but to delay the decision for another year plus is purely political.  The Obama administration is playing politics and it is ridiculous that we can't get a decision on the pipeline. 

The project that been re-routed 13 times and planners are attempting to stay away from environmentally sensitive areas but how quickly we forget that there are more than 85-thousand miles of crude oil pipelines buried across the US with most of them in Texas and Oklahoma and many of them just as big in diameter as the Keystone XL, so the argument of needing additional studies doesn't hold water. 

The state department needs to make the decision and move forward and either end the project or approve it.  We, as Americans, deserve quick, non-political action that will make for a Better East Texas.

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