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Better East Texas: The Water Crisis

By Pat Stacey

Water is the next oil – perhaps you have heard that saying and it appears that it could be very close to the truth. 

Nothing reveals reality like a crisis and, this year, Texas has gone through a water crisis – we've had no rain.  But even if we had a normal year of rainfall, the Lone Star State would still be facing a water crisis. 

That's right, the population of Texas is growing faster than our ability to provide critical services, specifically enough water related services, to keep up.  Some estimates have the state population doubling by 2050 and that means that the majority of the state will not have adequate water services. 

Enter Proposition 2 on the ballot on next Tuesday, November 8th and you have at least part of a solution and a solution that helps protect east Texas.  Prop 2 amends the state constitution and allows lawmakers to issue and sell bonds for water service development. 

The proposition raises the limit on the bonds ultimately, providing a means for the state to shore up and plan now for increased water services.  It helps east Texas because while we have an adequate water supply, other areas of the state, including Dallas have the right to some of our lakes.  Proposition 2 will hopefully deflect attempts to tap existing water resources.

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