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Homeowners confront city about water bill frustrations

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV ) - We first told you last week about some Whitehouse residents, who say their latest water bills have ranged anywhere from $300 to $800 dollars.

Monday night they took their frustrations to city leaders and demanded something be done.

Nearly two dozen people armed with months of water bills, and months of frustrations, packed the Whitehouse City Council meeting.

"We'll do something. We'll gain together and we'll sue," one resident said. "I work with water everyday, it's my job, it's impossible," she added.

Impossible that their single families homes are raking up hundreds of dollars in water bills each month... and baffled that it took so long for the city to listen.

"We're not getting any answers. We're getting belittled. We're getting told 'Just deal with it. 'It's your water bill, just pay it' and we have to pay it because we have to have water," said one concerned resident.

And then resident... after resident.. after resident.. all approached the council expressing the same concerns -- all trying to convince the city this was bigger than one household having a leak.

"Judging by the looks on the city council members faces, I believe they knew that something is going on," said Whitehouse resident Andrew Splawn.

Council members admitted it's not all adding up, "With this turn out that we have here, I feel like it does warrant investigating," said Councilman Mike Jeter

But they made no promises, "We'll take a look at something," said Mayor Danny Hogden.

Homeowners said they didn't get the answers they were looking for but said they feel like they've at least made progress.

"Everything we've been told hasn't quite answered why our bills are so high, but I feel like maybe they will take a deeper look into it and maybe figure out why," said Whitehouse resident Jessica Causey.

"As the city grows constantly we are replacing the old equipment with new equipment and we'd like to be certain that the new equipment we're using is working as well," said Mayor Hogden.

The city of Whitehouse said they'll put the water issue on the agenda for next month.

In the mean time, they said they'll follow up with the individuals at the city council meeting and work to ensure that the meters are accurate.

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