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Driver identified in accident that left 4-year-old ETX boy dead

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) –  The man who drove the vehicle that hit four-year-old Cesar Cruz has been identified as 56-year-old Margarito Aguilar of Longview.

DPS met with Aguilar at the DA's office today. 

DPS said it was a tip from a third party that made this interview happen so quickly.  Trooper James Ammons said last Thursday, on a tip, they went to Aguilar's home where they discovered his silver Dodge Durango parked behind his home.

"It's got damage to the front right turn signal and the headlight assembly area and then a large dent on the right front quarter panel," said Trooper Ammons.

When asked if Aguilar had to have been aware that he had hit something, he replied, "Yes, which he did say he thought he hit a deer which that's possible this time of year.  We are working a lot of deer wrecks so that's extremely possible.  But we are going to do our best to determine what we can."

Ammons said that Aguilar has been cooperative since.  They also say he expressed compassion as he answered their questions.

"He's a Spanish-speaking individual so I really couldn't tell anything from his speech, but we had two interpreters in there going back and forth, but he did seem a little shaken up over it," he told us.

Authorities said there is still much to be investigated, including how exactly Cesar was able to wander off to such a busy highway.

Ammons told us that the Gregg County Sheriff's office and Child Protective Services is investigating that end of the case. "It's possible they could be charged with something," said Ammons, "but that's up to the Gregg County Sheriff's office and CPS."

DPS said they are still waiting on lab results from Aguilar's car to include in their final reporting to give to the district attorney's office. Aguilar is not charged at this time.

DPS said Aguilar may be charged with driving with an expired license, a suspended license, and failure to maintain financial responsibility, which means he had no insurance.

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