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Historic Mineola home destroyed by fire

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A couple had to watch as their historical home went up in flames.

On Saturday night, fire swept through the home on FM 2422 just seven miles east of Mineola.

The home has stood since before Mineola had electricity, and was once used to light the whole town.

The home was built in 1920 by a Mineola man named Sam Smith.

Homeowner Clifford Woodrum says, "His daddy owned a chair factory in Mineola back in the 1800s."

The Woodrum's did their research, and apparently that was before Mineola had electricity.

"He had a generator would generate electricity during the day and he let the city use it at night for lights," says Woodrum.

The Woodrum's were finishing up a restoration project on the home when they heard this, "My granddaughter was in the bedroom watching TV and she comes screaming and we don't know what is going on and when she came in the hallway she said, 'Pa, we got a fire on the back porch.'"

Cliff went to the back door, but all he could see were flames

"The smoke was so bad she had to get down on her knees and crawl out the front door and we just stood here and watched it burn and cried," expressed Woodrum, "It's hard to express what you go through when you see your life burning in front of you."

Irreplaceable photos, family heirlooms, videos of their grandchildren, all gone in a matter of minutes.

Woodrum expressed, "All that stuff just went up in flames. We walked out with nothing except what we had on."

But despite the devastating loss, they are thankful.

"If it hadn't been for God, I don't think we would have got out of it. I think he's the one that pulled us through it," Woodrum expressed.

New Hope Baptist Church is helping the Woodrum's with living arrangements until they can rebuild.

Mr. Woodrum says he plans on rebuilding the home as closely as he can to the original.

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