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Church burglarized after opening its doors two months ago

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas church was burglarized less than two months after opening its doors.

Officials at The Cross Baptist Church on Chandler Highway said thieves broke in two weeks ago, stealing more than $3,000.  

Associate Pastor Jesse McLendon said they purchased the equipment two weeks after opening their doors in September.

"A mixer board, a keyboard, microphones, corded and corded mics and a projector," said Jesse McLendon, Associate Pastor at The Cross Baptist Church.

McLendon said they didn't even have the equipment long enough to get it insured.

McLendon said a member of the church happened to be driving by the church, Saturday morning, on November 5th, when they noticed the front door was open.

The church believes the suspects entered through the side door of the church.

McLendon also said within the last two weeks, two other churches in Tyler have also been burglarized.

"I'm not surprised because of the day and time we're living in to think they would burglarize a church this time last year churches were being burned and if a person would burn a church certainly they would burglarize a church," said McLendon.

Yet despite having to start over and purchase new equipment with their own money, McLendon said the church has already forgiven the suspects.

"We are praying for them because whether they are ever caught or not they need prayer someone who would do something like that they need us praying for them and we couldn't do that if we hadn't forgiven them so yeah we forgive them," said McLendon.

Church officials said at this point police are still investigating the incident.

They also said they are already in the process of increasing security at the church.

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