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01/19/04 - Tyler

King's Dream On Way To Being Fulfilled

Today's parades brought out families, couples, and many church groups who want Dr. King's vision and dream to continue.

"It means a celebration of freedom and celebration of all people together as one," says one member of the New Hope Baptist Church in Bullard.

"This was a wonderful day to me. I look forward to it. I've been marching in this for every year since it started."

One step started it all. Dr. King's dream, his actions, his sacrifice still give hope forty years after he spoke those words.

"We have made great progress since his speech, since his time, so we have a little more to do, but I'm not complaining," says member Gwen Taylor.

"This day means a whole lot to me, it gives me a chance to do what we always should have done... To come together as one."

In the crowd were black and white, young and old, all backgrounds--speaking one common language of love and faith.

"Instead of black on one side, white on the other side, we're all together now, and that's the way I think the Lord wants us to be."

"We take one step at a time, but it's getting better, it really is."

They say it may take forty more years, but as long as people march, and take those steps toward equality, the dream will live on.

"Dr. Martin Luther King sacrificed a life for this day, and we should, all black and white, come out and celebrate this day."

Morgan Palmer, reporting.

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