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New Study: Thanksgiving food prices highest in 20 years

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - If you've been to the grocery store recently, you know food prices are up.    

And now, with less than a week left until Thanksgiving, a new study conducted by the American Farm Bureau Foundation shows that this year's increase in food prices will translate directly to the increased cost of your Thanksgiving dinner.

Food prices are up for several reasons, including the rise in fuel and energy prices, bad weather seasons that affect crops, and a recent period of inflation -- all of which makes it hard when you go to the check-out.

And now, there are numbers to prove it. The American Farm Bureau Foundation says the cost of Thanksgiving dinner will jump up 13% from last year. That's the highest year-to-year increase since 1990.

The food item with the largest price increase this year is also the most popular, and usually largest, traditional Thanksgiving item --the turkey. A 16-pound bird costs 22% more, on average, than it did last year.

And Brookshire's feels like they can do something to help their customers serve the meals they're used to having on Thanksgiving.

"There's still lots of ways you can get bargains in the food industry, and Thanksgiving dinner is no exception," says Sam Anderson, spokesman for the Brookshire's Grocery Company. "Although overall costs may be up, you can still get a Thanksgiving dinner in East Texas for significantly less than what the national average would be, and there's several ways to do that... We have a promotion going on where you can buy a Butterball turkey and then 8 different items are free with the purchase of that turkey."

That's just one of several turkey-related promotions going on this week, all in an effort to make your meal a little less expensive.

"We're trying to adjust things to help it be as affordable for people as it possibly can," Anderson says.

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