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1/19/04 - Sulphur Springs

Girls Get Haircuts for Charity

Eleven-year-old Ashley looks on, as her 9-year-old sister, Shelby, gets more than 10 inches of her hair cut off. It'll be Ashley's turn next. Going from long to short today doesn't mean just a change in hairdo. It means new hair for a complete stranger. The girls' hair isn't going into the trash. Rather...

"To send it to people that have cancer," Shelby Cannon said.

Shelby and Ashley's hair is going to "Locks of Love." It's a non-profit organization that provides wigs to children who suffer long-term hair loss due to certain medical conditions.

"There's so many of our friends, our friends' parents that have been stricken with cancer recently," Deirdre Cannon, mother, said. "And here in Sulphur Springs, there's quite a few that do have cancer."

The girls' mother told them if they wanted to grow their hair out, they needed to do something useful with it.

"So it's almost a year they've really been dedicated to it and started really letting their hair grow for this cause," Deirdre said.

"It takes eight to 12 ponytails to make a whole wig," Ashley said. "And mine's about three of them."

The girls say it's not only a great way to give. It's a rewarding experience for them too.

"It makes me feel good inside," Ashley said.

Mom says, give the girls a couple more years, and they may be back with more "locks of love."

If your hair is getting long and you're interested in donating it to "Locks of Love," you can find more information on our homepage. Click on the "Know More on 7" icon. There you'll find a link to the "Locks of Love" website.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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