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Tyler ISD joins state-wide funding law suit

9:35 PM Thursday Update: Tyler ISD board members vote unanimously to join class action lawsuit.

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- Thursday night, Tyler Independent School District will ask their school board to consider joining a state-wide funding law suit.

If they do, TISD would be joining more than 300 Texas districts who say they're fed up with the way the state funds public schools.

Administrators say it's time that a system they call "broken", gets fixed.

"Many districts get far fewer dollars per child than other districts in the state and we think there are some inherent inequities in that system," TISD Superintendent Randy Reid says.

Reid says Tyler is one of those districts. He says it's not only unfair to students, but tax payers, too.

"Our tax payers are taxed at the same rate or higher than tax payers in other parts of the state, and yet because of the property wealth in our community we're provided far fewer dollars," he says.

Giving TISD less resources in the classroom and resulting in less opportunities for students.
He says the lawsuit would hopefully create more equality.

"What we don't want with equalization is necessarily to bring everybody down and that's a concern that we have in this," Reid says.

The fight is something the Tyler chapter of the American Federation of Teachers says needs to happen. Not just for students, but for teachers, too.

"I'm finding more and more teachers that are looking for a way out of public education and it's really sad because there are a lot of great teachers out there that are feeling disrespected by the state, by these budget cuts that they've implemented," said Jamie Womack with the Tyler chapter of the American Federation of Teachers.

At the school board meeting at 7 p.m., administrators will ask the board's approval to join that lawsuit.

If the TISD school board votes in favor of joining the lawsuit, they will be among a number of East Texas school districts in the fight like Chapel Hill, Winona, Bullard and Van.

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