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Pizza joint gets burglarized

VAN ZANDT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A Halloween robbery has authorities in Van Zandt County baffled.

Authorities say early Halloween morning one burglar, of small stature, broke into the Pizza Hut on South Trade Days Boulevard in Canton.

The thief did not get in through a door or window.

Caught on camera was the suspect who cut this four feet wide, two feet tall hole.

"Right underneath my desk," says General Manager James Richards, "The whole back wall was broken out and you can see on the camera where he used my chair to pull himself in through the wall."

Through the wall and all the way to the front of the Pizza Hut.

"He looks at the camera and he gets spooked. I think he goes outside. There's an hour to two our lapse where nothing is going on in the store and then you see him again--he comes back in and he goes around the table where we make pizzas and he hits my other camera and goes in and steals my whole cash register," Richards says.

"We had the change box on the floor the cabinet was broken. The other cabinets were opened and the drive thru cash drawer was missing," said Minnie Craver, Pizza Hut employee.

Richards says the suspect used a small hammer, a flashlight and a small crow bar to cut the hole, and says the suspect must have been pretty small to get through it.

"It would have to be a smaller person to get through that hole because you're looking at a two foot square to get into. It was pretty small," remarked Richards.

Richards says the suspect only took about 80 to 100 dollars worth in rolled coins.

The restaurant manager says they had about $1,500 worth of damages in the business.

He also says they have already started making plans to increase security in the restaurant.

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