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Family of hit-and-run victim begs driver to come forward

GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The search continues for a hit and run driver that killed a four-year-old boy walking along the roadside Monday.

Cesar Cruz was hit and killed Monday night on Highway 149 and Younger Road, near the Easton community in Gregg County.

As investigators continue looking for the vehicle that struck and killed Cesar, the families grief over his loss, has turned to anger.
 Rudy Sieger

Cesar's grandfather Rudy Seiger remarked, "If he knows what he did, and he didn't stop, he's just worthless."

They have the unbelievable job of trying tell other children in their family why Cesar is gone.

Aunt Candie Hasso says, "It's been really hard, a lot of crying and a lot of hard talk...You can't explain to all the kids--we have explain to them what happened."

What investigators are now focused on now, are small chips and pieces from the vehicle that hit Cesar, and they're hoping that these will lead them to the person that did this.

Authorities are looking for a silver of gray Chrysler, with a damaged headlight or floodlight.

Family members are now putting out donation buckets across Gregg County asking East Texans to help pay for Cesar's funeral.

"We need to know what happened, we don't know, we need to know why he hasn't done anything about it," Seiger expressed.

And if this person is watching or reading this, Cesar's family has one thing they want from them.

"Just come forward, think about if it was one of your kids, one of your sister's kids--one of your brother's kids. Wouldn't you want to admit what you did," pleaded Hasso.

Final funeral arrangements have not been set yet.

A tragedy fund has been set up to help Cesar's family.

Just ask for the Cesar Cruz Memorial Fund Trust Fund at any Citizens National Bank.

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