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7 On Your Side: Homeowners shocked by water bills

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - Some East Texas homeowners say they are fed up with their water bills.

They say in recent months their bills have cost them between $500-800.

The City says it's a result of increased water rates and a long hot summer.

In the Waterton subdivision in Whitehouse, residents say their water does not cost a ton. But it costs much more than they think it should.

"It's just a little aggravating that no one is concerned that our bill is this much when I've never heard of a bill being this much before," says Jessica, a woman who lives in the subdivision.

Jessica and her husband--it's just the two of them, and according to their water bill, they use $500-600 worth of water a month.

"They checked our meter to make sure it was an accurate reading and they checked for a leak and we didn't have a leak," says Jessica.

Andrew Splawn lives in Waterton, too.

"My first water bill was $282. They said I used around 30,000 gallons of water living by myself," Andrew explained.

A neighboring home, with three people living there, had a $600 bill in July, and an $800 bill in August.

That August bill says they used 95,000 gallons, equivalent to taking 1,500 baths a month or flushing the toilet a thousand times a day.

Whitehouse City Manager Mike Peterson says the water department checks for leaks and gives homeowners conservation advice. They say they're just as positive their readings are right as residents are they're wrong.

So, the city says they'll test the meters for $25 if the meter is found to be faulty, or $275 if it's not.

And in the last 22 years, the City says they haven't found an inaccurate meter yet.

And these residents say they're frustrated, watching their money go down the drain. while the water does not.

The City of Whitehouse says one reason for the fluctuation in water bills could be recent rate increases.

They say they've increased rates to help off-set the costs of a water agreement made with Tyler in 2008.

But, they say they don't anticipate raising water rates again soon.

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