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Couponing: You don't have to go extreme to save some green

TYLER,TX (KLTV) - Many of you have the seen the show, people buying hundreds of dollars worth of groceries, but only paying a couple of dollars.

"I think there is a big difference between extreme couponing and realistic couponing and sometime the show tends to push shopping trips that are not very realistic and people tend to get disillusioned when they don't go in and get the thousand dollar worth of groceries for 3 dollars," said Alicia Hilton, coupon enthusiast.

Alicia is behind the website East Texas Furgalistas, a website designed to teach you how to coupon and where to find the deals.

"Do your coupon match ups online which is essentially taking your coupon inserts and also online coupons and matching it up to the sale circular for the stores where you shop, and match it up  with the different coupons for the stuff that's on sale and that's how you save the most money," said Alicia.

Alicia said make sure you check the store's coupon policy on items before heading to the checkout lane.

She said on many occasions, local store's may have different policies than what their websites state. 

For more information on couponing visit :


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