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1/15/04 - Tyler

Nursery Employees Save Baby's Life

"We noticed Jada had a high temp," Brittani Nichols, nursery employee, said. "It was 103.7. We immediately started contacting the parents."

Baby Jada's father arrived at Tyler Day Nursery late Tuesday afternoon to pick her up.

"Once I sat her in the car seat, she started shaking," Tyvian Jackson, Jada's father, said. "And when she started shaking, I got her out, checked her to make sure she was still doing ok. And when she wasn't, that's when I took her back inside."

"And he laid her down in the hallway," Nichols said. "And he said, 'She's not breathing! She's not breathing!'"

"He was like, 'Call 911! Call 911!'" Daniels said.

"I wanted to do CPR on her, but she was my baby, and you think you can until you realize that it's your baby," Jackson said.

"I immediately called 911," Nichols said.

"Watching my baby die while I'm giving it, and I may not be doing it right," Jackson said. "So I let somebody else do it who would know how to do it correctly."

"And when I got on my knees and checked for her pulse, and she wasn't breathing like a normal person would breathe," Daniels said. "So I started CPR on her. The first time I started, I gave her a breath, and she wasn't breathing. The second time I gave her CPR, and she began to breathe. At that moment I was very happy."

"It's the most wonderful thing in the world," Jackson said. "They was my baby's lifeline."

An ambulance took Jada to the hospital. Today the 1-year-old is alert, her fever has gone down, and she doesn't want to stay home anymore.

"Ready to go?" Jackson asked Jada. "Come on."

"Every parent should be CPR certified 'cause you never know if a child is going to just stop breathing," Nichols said.

"I know I have a special bond with the baby," Daniels said.

Hospital officials at Trinity Mother Frances say Jada was sick with the flu. The staff at the Tyler Day Nursery is urging everyone to get CPR and first-aid training for emergencies. The nursery offers classes the first Monday of every month. If you'd like to find out more, call Tyler Day Nursery at 903-592-4861.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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