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Longview woman calls war painting patriotic

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- An east Texas woman has saved a piece of world war two art that she says captures the true spirit of veterans day. Its not a masterpiece, its an oil painting by an army private in 1943. But for Longview native Lynn Spencer, the painting of American planes attacking a Japanese warship is priceless.

"Somewhere around New Guinea , or New Hebrides, its very nostalgic especially on veterans day, it brings back a lot of memories of the guys who fought for freedoms that we now enjoy," Spencer says.

Painted by a private who was in the battle, it depicts the actual attack by American bombers on an imperial Japanese warship, Spencer says it personifies veterans day.

"for everyone who's come into our home and seen this picture, it brings goose bumps," she says.

Her father was John Lewis Cannon, an army chaplain in the pacific in world war two who was given the painting by members of his unit as a way to remember the sacrifice of brave men.

"My father brought the painting back rolled up in a cylinder, its been in our house ever since," Spencer says.

Closer look shows a hidden American eagle in the flames swooping down on the burning warship.

"I wanted my children to have something that represented their grandfather that they never knew, and those who continue to fight even as we speak," she says.

For Spencer, the painting personifies the courage and sacrifice of American military.

"It represents honor, dignity and sacrifice," she says.

Spencer is having a reproduction made of the painting that she will keep, and is passing on the original to the next generation of her family.

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