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Tyler's newest yoga studio offers unique classes, benefits

Rachel Hudson Rachel Hudson

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Now it may not be a full-fledged sport, but it's undeniable that practicing yoga will keep you in fantastic shape and, some say more importantly, clear your mind and help you focus.

And now, East Texans have access to a brand new studio that offers some unique classes.

Tyler's new Bikram Yoga studio opened October 26, and its owner, Rachel Hudson, says it's been growing in popularity ever since.

From the outside, it looks like a normal yoga class, but as Hudson explains, Bikram yoga offers a little something more.

"Bikram is specific. It is all a beginner's class. We do the same thing every single class. We do 26 postures, two breathing exercises, in a heated room to about 105 degrees at 40% humidity, and every single class is 90 minutes. Nothing changes in that room except for your body and your mind," she said.

And that 105 degrees ... it's hot. It's so hot, even our camera lens kept fogging up.

"The heat, number one, it helps you detoxify a little bit better, so your sweating is really good for your skin. It also helps you stretch into the postures safely so your body's heated up. You're going a little bit deeper into the posture without injury," Hudson said.

Cindy Jones of Tyler had practiced Bikram yoga before she moved to Tyler and calls the new studio an answer to her prayers.

"Bikram yoga is so different than any other type of yoga. It just works your body from the inside out, every muscle, joint, bone, tendon, ligament, organ. It just makes you feel so good," she said.

Hudson says that the heat from Bikram yoga helps with arthritis, tendonitis, spine and back problems, and as with any exercise program, one of the side effects is weight loss.

Bikram Yoga's studio is located just off Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler, next to Brookshire's Fresh.

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