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Storm tears ETX property to shreds

WINNSBORO, TX (KLTV) - It may not have been a tornado, but powerful winds have left an East Texas Farm with more than a hundred thousand dollars in damage.

Clayton Darst's family runs a chicken farm eight miles south of Winnsboro on FM 2869. He says the damage left behind looks almost like an attack.

"It's almost like a precision missile hit you just right in the center and just basically it looks like it imploded," Darst says.

Darst's chicken houses have been a main source of their livelihood for nearly 20 years.

"We noticed last night when we came to check a feed lid that was open that obviously some sort of wind burst had come and did all this damage; It's a 300 foot chicken house and luckily we didn't have any chickens inside," he says.

Straight line winds came through the chicken house throwing steel beams like rag dolls and ripping the rest of the house to shreds. However, the other 17 houses were relatively untouched.

"It's just like the building imploded on itself due to a down force of an extremely powerful wind and it is just really, really awesome to see the power mother nature can unleash," Darst says. 

Each building can hold up to 16,000 chickens..something Darst says would have been much worse.

"We would have to clear out this damage and then move the birds into other houses; it would have been terrible so thank the Lord there were no birds in the house at the time. Most importantly, it was just stuff, just a building and no one got hurt and we're really thankful for that," he says.

While picking up the damage, Darst says he is already preparing for more chickens, set to arrive next week.

"We're going to rebuild and keep growing chickens," Darst says.

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