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Soldier to be laid to rest more than 60 years after death

ATHENS, TX (KLTV) - The late members of Sergeant Benny Rogers family rest at the Willow Springs Cemetery. The head stones of his parents and siblings face East. But, his stone faces west...because he is not yet here.

Sergeant Rogers went missing in 1950 while he was serving in the Korean War. He was killed in action.

His niece, Ruth Davis, was only one-year-old when here uncle went missing...but she's lived with his memory her entire life.

"I remember stories that my grandmother told us as children when we were growing up. There were pictures on the wall," said Davis.

89-year-old Edith McEvoy Rounsavall is the only living family member left that knew Benny Rogers. He was her nephew. And, she was there when Rogers mother received the telegram announcing his death.

"She went to pieces," said Rounsavall.

Rogers remains were identified back in September. This weekend he will be laid to rest in this cemetery.  Finally back home.

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