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NWS confirms multiple tornado touchdowns in ETX

(KLTV) - Teams from the National Weather Service were in East Texas to find out how many tornadoes hit during Tuesday's storms.

Meteorologist Matt Duplantis is responsible for issuing tornado warnings in our area. After he issues the warnings, he usually has to go out and survey the area the next day.

"And this little circle right here is our GPS location so we can drive right under where the circulation was and try to find where the tornado may have touched down, that way we know what road to take and where to go to look for it," said Matt Duplantis, National Weather Service Meteorologist.

Duplantis, and his partner Aaron Stevens, come out and follow the path to confirm if a tornado touched the ground.

"We're going right under the circulation we had on the radar and we're looking for tree limbs snapped off, tops of trees clipped off sometimes the tornado is not strong enough all the way at surface but it's strong enough in the air to twist the tops of trees off," said Duplantis.

All to make sure the warnings they issue in our area accurate.

"We do it one to make sure our warnings that we're issuing are quality products, and two to rate the strength of the tornado," said Duplantis.

Duplantis said a total of three tornadoes touched down in the Mount Enterprise area.

Duplantis also said some of the best ways you can find storm damage is by simply stopping and asking someone.

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