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Simulator showcases dangers of texting and driving

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - On Wednesday, students at Tyler Junior College got to experience, first hand, just how dangerous texting and driving is.

Inside a texting simulator, they were challenged to text and drive--without risking their safety.

It's is a real car: Gas pedal, brake, and steering wheel are all there.

But, you're not actually going anywhere, just driving by looking through goggles.

Robert Tower travels across the country with the group "Peer Awareness," introducing people to the simulator--trying to show them how dangerous texting and driving can be

"I've actually had friends of mine that were killed by texters. I had three killed in a matter of five years," Tower shared, "People are dying for no reason at all. and how important is it? A text? Can't it just wait a little bit longer?"

The simulator was brought to campus by TJC student organizations, and it's safe to say it served it's purpose..

One student says ,"It really shows you what you can actually hit when you're driving and texting at the same time... I can't text and drive, so I signed that pledge."

And she wasn't alone in pledging to stop texting and driving, stop risking their lives, and others' lives too.

The "Aware Text" simulator is traveling all across the state this week.

On Thursday, it'll be at Texas State Technical College in Marshall.

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