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01/13/04 - Tyler

Streets Of Speed: Popular Residential "Shortcut" Full Of Speeders

"I think that people don't realize that this is a neighborhood, not a thoroughfare or a major highway and people don't watch their speed," says Jan McCauley who lives near Cumberland Road.

In a residential section with a speed limit of 40, folks drive like it's a highway. With our SpeedZapper, we commonly found cars exceeding 55 miles per hour.

"They usually drive much faster than they should and they'll be right on you before you realize it," says area resident Patsy Womack.

The folks who live on Cherokee Trail have to be careful when they turn onto Cumberland. One person we witnessed had to stop to let the speeders pass on.

Womack: "One time, I pulled out and a woman was right on me. I had to pull to the edge. Had there been a car coming from another direction, we would have probably had an accident."

Jan McCauley is especially worried.

"My daughter will turn 16 in November, and I'm really hesitant and worried about her to start and drive," she says.

There's little room for error. Our top speed today: 61 miles an hour. That's 21 miles an hour too fast.

As Tyler expands to the south, more folks will be taking the shortcut through the neighborhoods and through the country.

"This is a two lane road without shoulders and people need to drive on it like it's a two lane road without shoulders," McCauley says.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.

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