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Violent storms tear through East Texas

KLTV - When the storms plowed through East Texas Tuesday afternoon, residents had seek shelter from funnel clouds, blinding rains and even a fire.

The violent storms put several East Texans at risk. A lightening bolt struck one home near Flint, which caught the attic on fire. The flames quickly spread to two other homes.

"No injures. The people were home on the first structure, they got out. The second structure-no one was in. We're told a third structure, it's possible it could have gotten a little damage," says Adam Melson with the Flint-Gresham Fire Department.

Several East Texans were happy to hear the rain, but could have done without the unpleasant company that followed.

One viewer sent in a video of what appears to be a funnel cloud off I-20 in Winona.

And if drivers were not distracted by tunneling clouds, they were fighting through torrential rain.

In Tyler at Gentry and Broadway, the ominous clouds gave warning of what was to come.

Near the Gladewater airport, similar clouds darkened the sky, moving at 30 mph. Fortunately, the rotation weakened, keeping residents out of harm's way.

In Flint, what is now a creek was just a sandy ditch on Monday.

Heading East toward Van, dozens of cars pressed on through the rain, keeping to their schedules.

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