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Thanks for stealing my dead husband's ring

ORE CITY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas mother and daughter are hoping the public can help catch a thief who took some things that cannot be replaced.

Kimberly Dabney and her mother say while they were out of town last week, someone broke into the mother's home outside of Ore City.

She did not notice that anything was missing at first, until the following morning when she went to the living room to turn on the television and it was gone.

She immediately called Kimberly and the police. At first, she thought only the television was missing because nothing looked out of place. But, it turns out the thieves took much more and when Kimberly's mother realized what all was gone, she called Kimberly back in tears.  

"I asked her what was wrong and she said that she had realized they had taken hers and my father's wedding rings. My father died in 1974 when I was four years old and that was all that we had left of my dad," Kimberly says.

To Kimberly, her mother and father's rings were more valuable than money-they were symbols of meaningful,  yet faded memories.

"People say, 'Oh you have memories of your father, that should last you.' I don't have those memories; I was four. I don't remember my father," she says.

But that is not all the thieves took; they discovered a family heirloom- a fiddle that has been in the family for five generations that Kimberly had hoped to one day give to her son. 

"He said, 'Grandmama can I have this when I get bigger?' She said, "Someday son, it will be yours.' Now it can't be his because it's gone," Kimberly says.

And nothing was too small to take.

"They took some pennies off of her dresser. My five-year-old son went in his own room and got his piggy bank and gave it to his grandmother so she could have pennies because the 'robbers stole her money,'" Kimberly says.

The thieves also put family photos back exactly how they found them, something Kimberly says is eery.   

"They were in her bedroom, they were in her bathroom they moved personal pictures of our family and then they were just so neat to put them back. She just doesn't feel safe anymore," she says.

Kimberly says they also took her mother's prescription medicine and other jewelry.

Kimberly says her mother put up a sign in her yard for about three days that said, "Thanks for stealing my dead husband's ring," something that seemed to get neighbors attention.

One neighbor approached Kimberly's mom after seeing that sign. When she told him what happened, he gave her one of his televisions-something that surprised her.

Kimberly's mother did not want to appear on camera and wanted to remain anonymous, but she wants to thank her neighbor for his kindness.

The sign is no longer up in her yard because she was afraid of retaliation.

She hopes this story will help her find those irreplaceable items-things that remind her of her heritage and the father she never had the chance to get to know.  

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