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Oklahoma earthquake aftershocks felt in ETX

(KLTV) -  The 5.6 magnitude quake struck early Saturday in central Oklahoma, producing up to 10 aftershocks, lasting into Sunday morning.
No serious injuries were reported, but several homes and buildings were damaged by the quake and the aftershocks.

However, the damage was not limited to our north, after one East Texas man said the quake is responsible for some new cracks in their driveway. 

"Sitting there, no shoes on and I feel this thing shaking…then I went outside and looked around and I saw the cracks in the concrete and realized I wasn't crazy" said Bill Saverese, felt aftershocks.

Back in Tyler, Bobbie Smith was visiting her mother at Trinity Mother Frances when she noticed something odd while looking out at an incoming helicopter.

"One had just come in and I was observing it and I leaned against the window and as I was leaning against the window I felt it move and I thought well the wind must be pretty bad," said Bobbie Smith, felt aftershocks.

Bobbie said she quickly realized it wasn't the wind felt, but the earth shaking.

"Well it was kind of a funny feeling and it was moving underneath me but it was so sly and the only reason I knew it was happening is because I was leaning against the window and it started moving me but it was a really sly movement," said Smith.

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