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Facebook threat puts ETX authorities on alert

CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KLTV)- A facebook post made by a teenage boy put three East Texas agencies on alert for hours.

The student who posted it said he was going to go to school and shoot everyone in sight.

But officials said their investigation not only lead them to the boy who made the post, but his high school thousands of miles away.

On one of the boy's phoney facebook accounts he posted about being bullied, burning inside with violence, cutting himself and said "I shell go to school and shoot everyone in sight".

A stranger in North Carolina saw the post first-- saw the boy's current location was listed as Mt. Heaven, Texas and contacted the nearest law enforcement agencies to Mt. Haven, Texas --just west of Jacksonville.

"All of our investigators continued following up on what leads we had just to verify and try to make sure that the student was not here in East Texas," said Cherokee County Captain John Raffield.

"The minute they contacted our Jacksonville ISD Police Department our police chief went right to Facebook. He went through that aspect looking for any kind of connections with our students," JISD Superintendent Dr. Joe Wardell said.

They found nothing. But, investigators weren't convinced so they called Facebook for help.

"It only took about eight minutes and that facebook address, I traced it back to New Zealand," Raffield said.

Then officials got in touch with the boy's school in New Zealand.
The principal told them the boy admitted to writing the comments and was not a threat to their students.

"They don't realize sometimes the things that can be caused by things that are posted. If they post something about going to a school to shoot individuals the law enforcement and the school administrators can't take that lightly," Raffield said.

Officials in New Zealand said the boy will be monitored and receive counseling.

JISD authorities said even though there was never a threat to East Texas students, it can teach them a valuable lesson-- that they need to watch what they put in the Internet and realize their community is not secluded from the rest of the world.

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