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Survivor of horrific wreck has new perspective on life

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - It could have been the final few moments of a crash victims life.

An East Texas man reflects on the experience of being trapped in a wrecked and burning car, as workers tried feverishly to get him out.

The young man, who's life hung in the balance, miraculously survived.

For a chilling few moments, the man trapped inside the car on Danville road Wednesday morning, didn't know whether he would live or die.

But on Thursday, 23-year-old Christopher Chadwick is just glad to be able to lay in a hospital bed.

"I remember rolling and I remember things going through my head like, 'Whoa!" you know, Am I going to make it out of this or not," Chadwick recalled, "I woke back up and I was hanging upside down... Yelling for help, then I see my phone light up."

Though injured, Chadwick made his own 911 call.

The dash-cam video shows Kilgore emergency crews trying to get Chadwick out of his overturned car, while it began to burn and ammunition in the trunk began to explode.

He's in considerable pain, but feels it a small price to pay, being alive.

For Chadwick, the worst time was when the fire started.

"Laying there upside down, smelling the smoke, and listening to the guys saying, 'We're going to get you out it,' just took forever and I didn't think I was going to make it out of there," he says.

He comes away now with a new perspective.

"Cherish your loved ones and your friends, because anything could happen any day." 

Chadwick has a shattered vertebrae in his back and a dislocated ankle. He's expected to recover, and walk, after physical therapy.

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