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1/11/04-Red Springs

Family Loses Everything In Fire

It's a tragic story, but one that turns up all too often when the weather gets cold.

A heating blanket is said to be the cause of a fire that claimed the Red Springs home of Jada Graziano and her family. The blaze began early Thursday.

Sunday, Graziano went back to view what was left of her home.

Her father, Sidney Woods, helped with additions to the home just like he has with others the two have lived in. She said she wanted this one to be the last.

"Everywhere we've moved we built another one and that's what he told me, this was the last one," Graziano said.

Along with her father, Graziano shared the home with her two sons, 15-year-old Ross, 19-year-old Joe, her daughter, 21-year-old Angela, and Angela's 7-month-old daughter Hanna.

She's says the fire tested their closness.

"This family was close. I mean we were like normal families we argued, but when it all came down, we all stood together."

Graziano said the fire had an especially tough impact on her two son's.

"They worked on this house, they helped build it and that's the last thing I remember hearing my oldest son hollering is 'It's not going to burn down I built this', but there was nothing they could do."

The home is a total loss. Five bedrooms full of everthing the family owned.

Just months from moving to Central America for a job, Graziano says she'll stay to help put her family's life back together.

"I'm not going to run off and leave them, you can't, it don't work that way," she said. "The job's not as important as getting them back together."

As she sifted through what was left of her past today, it seemed this mother had not lost sight of her future.

"In a lot of ways standing on the side of the road that night the one thought I remember having, I might not get the job in Belize and I had to give it up but maybe the money wasn't important as what I already had."

A brave realization for a mother who lost everything, but the ones she loved.

The Graziano's have been staying with a family friend since the fire. Jada said she'll try to find a job here, then try and rebuild. The family did not have insurance.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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