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Teen donates car to hit and run victim

Huntsville, AL (WAFF) - Vandals trying to egg homes in her neighborhood crashed into Angelique Killebrew's Honda Accord Halloween Night.

This was more than just a car to Angelique, it was a connection to her father who recently died from cancer.

Now someone has stepped up and given her a car with an equally special connection, and it was graciously given by someone who knows exactly what this Senior in high school is going through.

"What a difference a day makes. I am elated," said Killebrew.

Just Tuesday, she and her cousin Deniese were looking for justice after Angeliques car was totaled in a hit and run.

"I came to Deniese's room and she says well someone has a car for you. and I did a double take. Someone wants to give me their car?" asked Killebrew.

That someone is 18-year-old, Kim Evans.

Some of her family saw Angelique's story and called Kim who had just put her car up for sale.

Needless to say, this teen took her 1997 Honda Accord off the market, and took Angelique on a test drive.

"Well it's the first car that I bought. It's got a lot of miles on it, but it's a really good car," said Evans.

"I feel that God has blessed me so much and I feel that this is my time to give back, and I feel like this could be a good witness," added Evans.

The silver sedan isn't Kim and Angeliques only connection. Angelique lost her father to cancer, Kim lost her mom eight years ago to a stroke and knows how hard letting go can be.

One of her mom's rings still dangles from her neck. She understands Angeliques ties to the car.

"The car does have a sentimental value, but just because she loses a car doesn't mean she's going to lose those memories," said Evans.

With Kim's help, Angelique is finding a way to turn heartbreak to happiness.

Angelique can't thank Kim and her family enough, she says she hasn't stopped smiling.

Angelique said there is no way she is going to park the car just given to her on the street where hers was hit.

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