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Weddings Make a Comeback?

More than 2 million people get married in the United States each year and while many are choosing for the scaled down, "Las Vegas" style wedding, the old fashioned way may be coming back into vogue.

Dozens of local merchants were hoping that was the case, that's one reason they put their goods and services on display for hundreds of potential brides today at a bridal show at Harvey Hall in Tyler.

Jade Galloway is one of those future brides looking to plan a wedding. She's getting married to her fiance Chase Hopson in a few months and besides the dress, she said everything is up for discussion.

"I came here today just to see kinda what was out there," Jade said.

Her mother, Regina, tagged along. She says her job is a tough one.

"I'm trying to still let her make the decisions but I still put my opinions in."

She says no matter what, the decision still lays with the future bride.

"This is her day and I want her to be excited and happy to know that these are her decisions."

It's those decisions the wedding industry says have changed recently. The show's coordinator, Misti Rasure, thinks she knows why.

"A couple of weeks ago there was like the grandest wedding we've seen since like princess Diana and Charles, you know 20 years ago, with like the Trista and Ryan wedding," she said. "So I think people are starting to dream and fantasize a little more about it."

So if you've got a special day in mind, just remember you've still got to pay for it.

"I think now that I've gotten to this point reality has taken over a little bit to where I'm like, well maybe I can't have the Cinderella wedding I wanted, but it will be special in it's own way," Jade said.

Bridal shows like the one in Tyler today are quite common. This was the fourth year in a row for this particular one.

If you're planning a wedding, coordinators recommend starting early, starting small and prioritizing your wants. They say it will make for a happier day in the long run.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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