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01/09/04 - Longview

Hallsville Community Without Water Since November

For residents of Timberbrook trailer home park near Hallsville, the past two months have been emotionally draining. Most have been without running water since before Thanksgiving.

"It's miserable trying to cook your kids a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner when you don't have any water and then you have to run up the road to get water to wash dishes," says resident Katina Maglott. An inadequate well gave little pressure to 18 homes, and a report from the Texas commission on environmental quality showed the water was contaminated and unfit to drink.

"It's just hard , you don't realize how much you miss it until you don't have it," said one year resident Linda Giles. They're mostly low income people with children, and don't have the means to go elsewhere. Even the Red Cross has stepped in to supply water in what they deem a hardship situation.

"They need essential things we all need like taking a bath, drinking, babies out here need formula. They have to have water," said Longview Red Cross worker Frank Mosley. The residents are hauling in water for everything, including drinking, baths and cooking.

"We've been having to use water to flush toilets and everything, sometimes it's a choice between taking a bath or cooking," said disabled resident James Giles. But there is some hope, residents are working with Gum Springs water supply to run a new water line to the community, but it will cost around $15,000.

If you'd like to help , you're asked to make donations in the name of the Timberbrook drive water fund at the first state bank of Hallsville.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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