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Family dog killed in White Oak house fire

WHITE OAK, TX (KLTV) - A White Oak home is severely damaged in an overnight house fire.

White Oak firefighters responded to reports of a fire at 805 Doma Street, shortly after 7:00 Wednesday night.

"I could see flames coming from the back side of the house looked like the kitchen window and through the side so it had been going for some time," said neighbor Gary Morris.

Morris said he and his wife called firefighters immediately and went over to help.

"As we got there the owner came out. By then the house was so full of smoke we couldn't even go inside," said Morris.

"Well, it was going pretty good up through the roof and to the attic and the backside of the house. It was in a blaze and a total lost. I'm afraid there's nothing in there, he's lost everything," said Bill Baldridge, homeowner's father.

Morris says homeowner Lonnie Baldridge accidentally left the oven on. 

"We believe he left something in the oven--some nachos in the oven, and then sat in the recliner and fell asleep," said Morris.

Officials said Lonnie only suffered from minor burns on his hand from when he went back inside to try to save his dog,

"He had a little dog in there that he tried to get out but I don't think it made it," said Baldridge.

The Baldridge family has owned this home since 1968. They said they have insurance and plan to have an adjuster come out in the next couple of days.

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