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How about 'pecant' pie?

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - Lots of you may be preparing your holiday baking, but if any of those plans involve pecans, you may want to act fast.

One pecan farmer says the drought may make pecans a rare sight on the shelves.

Julian Amaya has over 200 pecan trees on his 35 acre farm. And he's usually pretty busy this time of year.

But now, not so much.

Usually eight out of ten pecan trees produce. But due to the drought, that number is down to one out of ten.

While usually shaking ready-to-harvest pecans from trees, now Julian can just go through piles of debris, collecting what's left from the few, healthy trees left.

"These are limbs that break off. When pecan trees get dry, they'll shed their limbs. They're trying to survive," Amaya explained.

He says pecan trees will kill themselves trying to produce. But this time around, they just can't do it.

With a drought like this, it will break a farmer.

Even though he has a hand-full of good pecans left, Mr. Amaya says with conditions this dry, it's hard for him to keep up with demand.

"Normally we open up November 1st and we're open all the way through January 1. This year, we'll be good to have enough crop to last us through Thanksgiving," says Amaya.  

Amaya says tens of thousands of dollars will be lost this harvest season.

So for now, he makes do with what he has. And he keeps a smile on his face.

Mr. Amaya says if you want pecans, you better get them early and buy in bulk, because they are going fast.

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