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Are dry conditions causing your hair to fall out?

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - If you are seeing more and more hair in your brush in the morning there may be a meteorological reason for it.

Women spend a lot of time looking at their hair, making sure it looks just right. So have you noticed anything different about it this year?

"This morning I was brushing my hair and I had a whole of hair stuck in my brush," said Tori Jimmerson, hair stylist.

"I've noticed more hair falling out lately, but I do that so I don't know if it's due to the weather," said Sandy Williams, noticed hair falling out.

"It could possibly be from the heat and the dry weather we've had, but there are so many more things that are involved too," said Tori.

Tori Jimmerson, who's a stylist at the Jade Panda Salon in Tyler, said when it comes to your hair there's a tons of things that could cause it to fall out.
"There are people who could lose it from stress, poor dieting, thyroid issues you could cause you to lose hair too," said Tori.

Tori said people can lose up to 75 hairs a day.

"I know that when I brush my hair I probably have a pretty good amount in my hair brush, but I still have a lot of hair so I think it just varies from different people," said Tori.

Which means no need to worry; it doesn't necessarily mean you could be going bald any time soon.

"We have new hair growing in everyday too I mean you can see its coming out of your scalp so we always have new hair coming in and hair falling out," said Tori.

Tori says a good diet, hair vitamins and using a heat protectant on your hair can help prevent more from falling out even when rain is falling. Tori said women tend to lose the most hair from spring through summer, and she does believe it may have to do with the heat.

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