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'She wanted me and her to kill him'

GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - On Wednesday, Gregg County jurors heard the horrifying details of how a blind East Texan was killed.

The murder trial is underway for 24-year-old Carlos Stiff, who is accused of killing 75-year old Alton Hicks at his home in 2006.

Stiff pleaded not guilty to the 2006 killing of Hicks. Prosecution began taking testimony on Stiff's access to Hick's home.

Ray Jacobs testified that before his death, Hicks had a prior run in with his wife and Lasinda Crockett, Stiff's mother.

"She said Mr. Hicks has got a gun on me and Patricia, which is my wife," Ray testified.

Patricia Jacobs testified that she and Crockett had previously stolen money from Hicks, and when found out, Crockett suggested a solution.

"She wanted me and her to kill him," Patricia said, "She wanted to kill him and she asked me to help her."

Prosecution is making the case that this was not just a premeditated killing, but a mutilation, calling the crime scene something out of a horror film.

Investigators testified blood was everywhere in Hick's home.

He was stabbed 56 times in the back, head and face, with wounds to his eyes, throat, and genitals.
During testimony, Crockett's brother, who was supposed to support the prosecution's case, unleashed a stunning revelation.

"The whole point of my being here is my sister confessed to this, she confessed--  she full confessed to me. She said that Carlos didn't do this. I believe her," testified Crockett's brother Terry Turner, "My sister did it, she's already convicted for it and I really don't want to answer any more of your questions."

Lasinda Crockett is serving a 20-year sentence for her role in Hick's murder.

Right now, Carlos Stiff's fate remains to be seen.

Stiff faces a sentence of life without parole if he is convicted.

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