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01/08/04 - Longview

Longview Woman Angry At City Over Sewage Flood

A Longview woman has lived with the foul smell of sewage in her home for almost a week, after a city sewage line backed up and flooded her home. Last Saturday, city workers were unclogging a sewer line near her Timpson street home, when raw sewage began to overflow in 50 year old Glenda Parker's house.

"It was sickening.  It smelled horrible.  It was really horrible," said Parker. The back-up flooded every room of her home, leaving the stench of sewage behind.  She's spent the last six days trying to get someone with the city to help clean up the mess.

"It's not right for me to have to come out of pocket and pay for something that the city did," says Parker. City health workers say bacteria left behind could cause a number of serious health problems for Parker's family.

"There are elements in that material that if you ingest it or get in a cut, could cause someone a problem," said Longview Environmental Health director Kevin Cummings. City water workers say a tree root had grown through the sewer line causing the backup.

Parker is furiously trying to get some help for something that was not her fault, and she won't stop until someone listens to her. "It's still on my walls in my carpet , I just want something done", said Parker. We contacted Mayor Murray Moore who said the city would do everything they could to help Parker.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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