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1/8/04 - Tyler

Not All Happy With Immigration Proposal

While President Bush's plan to give temporary legal work permits for illegal citizens is seen as good news for the immigrant population, other circles don't carry the same opinion. The affect of eight million people added to the workforce remains to be seen. While the immigration policy dictates that all jobs should first be made available to American workers, some remain skeptical. After all, they say, if the government can't prevent 8 million people from coming into the country, how are they going to prevent companies from hiring them? Some unemployed East Texans aren't supporting the proposal.

"I feel like it would be a disadvantage for the citizens here," said Sherrice Carpenter, "because it does take away, it does reduce the workforce, the benefits and everything because a lot of people that are eligible for benefits and jobs aren't able to get it."

"I know Texas and California are really gonna be impacted by it," added Jack Hogan. "I'm not sure whether that's good or bad but I think that it's probably going to be an over population of available workers. You never know. It's nice to help people, but how far can you go?"

William Hudson wasn't as nice about it. "I have problems trying to find me a job. They come over here and find a job, have new cars and everything. I can't even get a car."

Most of the jobs President Bush is targeting with this new policy are the low paying manual labor jobs most Americans don't want. So ideally, the impact on the current workforce should be minimal. But once again, it's that concern over the ability to enforce the new laws that has many on edge.

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