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11-year old hit & run victim called a hero

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Police are investigating the possibility that a suspected drunk driver may have been robbed just before he hit two children last night in Center.

Authorities in Shelby County have charged Billy Greer with DWI and deadly conduct after they say he hit 11-year old Dietrick McKinney and his one-year old sister as they were walking home across their apartment complex parking lot last night.

Police are now calling Dietrick a hero.

"They told me I saved my sister's life and that she could have died if I wasn't holding her like I was," Dietrick says.  "I had turned around and started to try and run with my baby sister in my hand and when I turned around I couldn't run fast enough.  The truck hit my back."

Police say the driver, Billy Greer, sped away, leaving Dietrick and his baby sister, La'Detra, on the pavement.

Neighbor Regina Garrett rushed Dietrick to the hospital.

"As we were getting in the car, I heard about five gunshots," says Regina.

Detective Joey Haley says a  man who witnessed the hit and run chased down Greer, firing shotgun rounds at Greer's tires.

In the bed of Greer's truck, police found an ice chest of beer. 

Haley says Greer tried to explain why he sped away after hitting the children.

 Detective Haley says it's possible that the driver of the vehicle was a victim of a robbery.  He says they're even investigating the possibility that Greer was involved in a drug deal gone wrong.

What's important to Dietrick and his mother is that he and his sister are alive. Dietrick tells me he'll share this memory with his baby sister when she's old enough to understand.

"The whole story, when I saved her life!" Dietrick says.

Dietrick's mom says, "I'm so proud of him for that. I'm so proud of him for that."


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