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Volunteers makeover deteriorating home

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- In a show of selfless service, members of an East Texas community are coming together to rebuild a woman's home, purely on their own.

At the home of Diane Caton, the roof leaked, the walls were rotting, and two people were living in a space no bigger than a one-car garage, a home that had never been finished.

"My husband and I we worked on it every week, and then he had a wreck," Canton says.

Caton's husband was killed in a crash October 27th last year, and the home remained unfinished.

"Of course there went the money and there went the person the person that was working on this," she says.

Lisa Richardson was visiting her Pre-K student when she saw the living conditions and decided to do something about it.

"I just knew that this family needed an extra blessing, I just started by asking my dad and it just took off , everybody was willing to help," Richardson says.

Money, donated materials and volunteer labor began to pour in.

"If you see a need then just try to ask for help and there are so many generous people who are willing to give their help," says Richardson.

Neighbors are building a two-story , two bedroom home.

"We went on Facebook, word of mouth, we've got money as far as Illinois, we just had to do something, everything's been donated by individuals in Tyler and Longview, and surrounding areas," says volunteer Richard Jones.

Caton is nearly in tears over things she will have again.

"Private bathroom, kitchen, thank you sounds like a small word for these people, its awesome its extraordinary they have touched our lives in a way I never dreamed possible," Caton says.

 Volunteers expect to have the home completed by Thanksgiving. Caton is staying with relatives until then, and is working at a daycare center.

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