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ETX businesses fall victim to vandalism

Joshua Mundell. Photo Source: Anderson County Jail Joshua Mundell. Photo Source: Anderson County Jail

UPDATE: Officials have released the identity of the suspect involved in vandalizing businesses in Frankston. 

Joshua Bradley Mundell, 26, was arrested for burglary of a building and was booked into the Anderson County Jail, Saturday evening.

Frankston authorities say Mundell was extremely high on an unknown substance when he was arrested.  Mundell's bond has been set for $25,000. He is currently in Anderson County Jail.

Other charges are pending.

FRANKSTON, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas community worked together to catch a man who they believe vandalized their businesses and a church.

Elizabeth Beard says authorities contacted her Saturday afternoon when they believed someone had been shot in her family's business.

"The suspect kept claiming that he had been shot and from what they could see thru the windows into the restaurant it looked like there was blood everywhere," said Elizabeth Beard, business was vandalized.

Beard said after some investigating, what appeared to be blood was actually red paint. She said her family's restaurant along with 2 other businesses and a church were the target of vandalism.

"They didn't take TV's or anything it was honestly taking things off the walls play guns off the wall breaking things it was just random," said Beard.

Kim Gullekson says the suspect broke into her driver's truck and attempted to hot wire the vehicle. Gullekson said the suspect also doused her trucks with free-on and paint remover.

"What did he gain from this he didn't take anything it was just senseless," said Kim Gullekson, property was vandalized.

Elizabeth said what's even more bizarre is that he ended up at a nearby residence telling people he had been shot.

"We thought he'd been shot so we called for an ambulance and when he got on the gurney he went ahead and laughed and said that he had fooled us and that he would walk away easy on this one so they loaded him into the cop car and arrested him," said Jennsy Bizzell, called authorities.

Both Beard and Gullekson said nothing was missing from their businesses, but they have thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Anderson County officials were not able to release information if the man was still in jail or had bonded out.


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