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Rangers fans turn to superstitions for game 7

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV)- Fans tell KLTV they are sick to their stomachs waiting to find out who will be the World Series Champions tonight. Some are even turning to their best ball game superstitions.

"Every time I jump up and down they always make a big play," one fan said.

"I think it's a numbers game. They haven't been beat twice in a couple of months so I don't think they can beat them," said another.

"I just make sure I keep count of the pitching count," said another fan.

But, fans aren't the only ones with superstitions.
Tylerite Josh Tomlin pitches for the Cleveland Indians and he admits... he has practiced a game day ritual or two.

"I actually had a beard earlier in the year. Another guy on the team and I were doing pretty good so we just kept it the same and didn't' shave until we lost," Tomlin said.

He said some teammates wear special undershirts or socks. Others take naps before the game.

"For some people it's kind of OCD a little bit. They'll say they double knot shoes or something like that," Tomlin said.

While some may see superstitions as silly, experts said it actually boosts player confidence and can affect their game.

"They expect good performance, they're not so focused on fear of bad performance, their anxiety levels go down and they're actually able to do a little bit better," said Wade French, a licensed professional counselor.

"You get in this routine, you find something that works for you and you just stick with it and I think that's where the superstition comes from," said Tomlin.

And for some unlucky Rangers fans, tonight is about making a sacrifice for the team.

"Texas, every game I've watched so far they've lost. Every game I haven't watched they've won. It works. So, tonight I won't be watching," said one fan.

Game 7 of the 2011 World Series starts tonight at 7:05 p.m.

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