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1/06/04 - Smith County

Lake Tyler Water Woes Continue

Lake Tyler resident Mark Flynn says he's concerned over drilling at Lake Tyler.

"We want to insure that the quality of the water, the integrity of the water, maintains it's current level which is nice and clean water for the most part," Flynn said. "We want to make sure the quality of life doesn't suffer."

Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber agrees.

"There is nobody that is more concerned about the quality of life, the quality of the water supply, the quality of the environment, than the person, than the entity, that actually owns the property," he said. "The City of Tyler owns the lots that they live on, owns the lake, and we are the most concerned about the quality of those lots and the environment in that area, there is nobody more concerned than we are."

The language sounds the same, but residents of Lake Tyler and city leaders do not agree.

"We want fair representation, that's all we're asking.  We haven't had an opportunity to provide any input," Flynn said.

"I'm not sure what else I can do," said Seeber. "I've tried to call, offered to meet, offered to sit down and discuss concerns that they have, what else can I do?"

Communication has been the sticking point. The mayor says the city has done its job.

"What we did was publish full page ads in the paper, a number of people saw the ads ,had concerns," he said. "I had conversations with some of them and some of those suggestions they made were actually incorporated in the lease.  So not only did they know, but there were people that knew that had really good ideas that were incorporated in the lease."

But residents feel they've been left out of an important decision.

"It did legally meet the standard of notification, but is that what you want to do when you are voting on an issue such as this?  You want to give people the opportunity on an issue that may be the most important issue we feel in Tyler's history over the past 50 years," Flynn said.

The mayor says they understand the importance. A stricter than normal lease proves that. But they'll never make everyone happy.

"I think there are some residents who are not ever going to be happy," he said. "They have concerns about it and those concerns are understandable, I understand that.
"When you serve in public office you're never going to make everyone happy and there are going to be people that disagree with the decision that we've made out there."

Residents just hope the city is willing to take another look, before it's too late.

"It will change the lake forever, I'm convinced of that fact," Flynn said. "I don't think anyone can look at the information and say that it won't, it's just too small.
"It's not Lake Huron, it's Lake Tyler."

The mayor and representatives with the Save Lake Tyler Association plan to meet to discuss this issue further. The lease has already been signed and drilling can begin at any point.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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