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Tablet devices transform autistic child's life

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In many ways, Devon is your typical seven-year-old. He likes to play outside and loves movies. But, there is something unique about Devon...he is autistic.

For most of his life, Devon communicated with his mother by repeating the questions she asked. If he repeated, that meant yes. If he didn't, that meant no.

But that all changed two months ago when his mother downloaded some autism-friendly apps on her Nook Color tablet device.

"Now he is like verbalizing. I can understand him more. He'll look at me in the eye and say what he wants," said Devon's mom Kalea Simpson.

One if the apps is "Tap to Talk." The app allows Devon to push pictures that ask and answer questions.

Kalea says Devon often talks along with the app and she feels it is helping express himself more freely.

"He'll sit there and he'll practice talking and this also helps him communicating with other people," said Simpson.

She also purchased an iPad because it has even more applications that help children with autism. She hopes he will learn to read and express himself independently in the future.

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