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Man arrested for public indecency with a dog

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A man is facing charges, accused of public indecency with a dog. Michael Hilsenbeck, 50, was arrested Wednesday morning at Wildwood Preserve Metropark. 

"I was disgusted. To think about a guy doing that kind of stuff out here where [there are] families. I was just walking my dog today, and I was disgusted," said Paul Bogner, a visitor at Wildwood.

On Tuesday, volunteers for the metropark noted a man playing with a dog and touching himself.

"They immediately recognized this isn't right, reported it to the rangers with a great description with very short shorts, a tee shirt and that's it," said Scott Carpenter, spokesperson for the Metroparks of the Toledo Area.

Rangers set out Wednesday morning searching for similar activity. Shortly after 9 a.m., two rangers found Hilsenbeck lying on the ground with a dog on top of him and fondling himself.

"This occurred right out in the open next to a park bench," Carpenter said.

The incident took place near the east entrance of Wildwood. People were in the area, but Carpenter believes no one else witnessed the behavior.

"I have family that has kids, and I wouldn't want them seeing that. It just creeps me out," said Anthony Kappler, a metropark patron.

Wednesday's event was not Hilsenbeck's first arrest. In 2008, he was arrested for entering someone else's property, exposing himself and forcing a dog to lick him. Hilsenbeck was placed on probation for a year and a half for that offense.

"I've heard of different stories of people doing unusual things, but in public that's just really weird," Kappler said.

Carpenter said he is pleased they caught the suspect within 24 hours. "From the time we learned about it to the time we put an end to it was a very short time."

Hilsenbeck was released from the Lucas County Jail shortly before noon on Wednesday.

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