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Better East Texas: Religion in Politics

By Pat Stacey

Watching the Republican debate recently, the issue of the religious faith of the candidates continues to be a topic of conversation.  Is it the country or the national media that keeps bringing this up? 

From what I have seen, the national media is using the candidate's faith as a debate pawn to stir up divisions between the candidates and they are not really interested in finding what the impact of a candidate's faith will have on their governing style. 

While our faith is no doubt a foundation that steers our actions and in this case political policy, we have all witnessed people and office holders with a "said" faith that vote or act against the faithful on any number of issues, with many of those issues having moral roots.  And, likewise there have been some great leaders, great presidents, that have lead our nation to greatness whose faith or spiritual beliefs were never exposed and never an issue. 

So we get down to the point and ask the question, can only a person of a certain faith be the next great president and I would say no.  While we need to explore and learn about the governing style and record of the candidates, using a "said" faith as a determiner on whom to vote for is flawed.  It's been proven over and over again.  

We are not electing a Pastor in Chief.  At some point, you have to hope that the repeated faith questions will move aside and domestic and foreign strategies will emerge center stage and it will make for a stronger America and a Better East Texas.

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