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Are You A Bad Driver?

Speeding. It's a common problem. So are traffic accidents. And most of us have an opinion on who the worst drivers are on the road.

"I don't think there is much question, its the blame yankees come down here," says one East Texan.

 "I'd have to say girl drivers, definitely they are very frightening," says another.

But according to data from the Quality Planning Corporation, a company that helps insurance companies rate driver risk, the worst drivers aren't just from the north or a certain gender.

The survey found students, people in the military, manual laborers, politicians and architects are the worst speeders, and that students, doctors and lawyers cause the most accidents. That's something even this lawyer couldn't argue.

"If they're saying it i guess its true," says Brett Harrison.

So whose the best on the road? Survey says teachers, secretaries, law enforcement officers, librarians and homemakers

"Bored people drive well don't they," responded one man when he heard the results.

Many East Texans we chatted with say the result were aurprising, but according to Trooper Jean Steely of DPS, whose been tracking down speeders for more than 8 years, most bad drivers only have one common characteristic, and it's not an occupation.

"The only thing they have in common is they were speeding. Speeders are every age, every race, male and female, old and young. There is no difference," she says.

So if you thought gender or age had something to do with that crazy driver on the road, think again. 

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