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Award winning shooter younger than you might think

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Miranda is a senior at New Diana high school. She does her homework, plays with her dogs and spends time with her horses...and oh yeah, she travels the world.

"I've been to Germany three different times, I have been to the Island of Cypress in Greece, Italy, Australia, Belarus, and Serbia...three weeks ago," says seventeen-year-old Miranda Wilder.

She's a trap shooter whose skills have taken her to international competitions. Her most recent competition took her to the Pan Ams in Guadalajara, Mexico.

"I went into the final in second place with a 66 out of 75 and I shot a single shot, 21, in final to place me in first, one bird above silver," Wilder says.

Even though her sport takes her away from her studies, she finds time to make up the work.

"I missed a week and a half of pre- AP Calculus and she (the teacher) crammed a week and a half into one hour," she says.

Like many incredible athletes, Wilder picked up the sport at a young age.

"My father shoots and when I was four-years-old we would go out to the rife and pistol range in South Carolina and we would just have fun. It was either sit back and watch or join in," she says.

Shooting is actually a family sport that Wilder and her parents still enjoy. She says her dad gets pretty competitive with her, but it's all in fun.

She says it is just as much a physical sport as it is mental.

"Most people would compare golf or pool because the most difficult part of it is the five inches between the ears," Wilder says.

So, what's next on her list?

"My goal for the past four or five years has been 2012 in London," Wilder says.

And she knows exactly what she needs to do to get there.

"I'm currently sitting in fifth, eight targets behind the lead," she says.

Wilder compares the sport to baseball.

"You always focus on executing the perfect move and that is the man goal of it all-finding the perfect balance of mental and physical strength and making the perfect move," Wilder says confidently.

Something this humble competitor seems to have conquered long ago.

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