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1/04/04-Smith County

Lake Tyler Residents Upset Over Proposed Drilling

Tyler city leaders signed a lease in December, allowing for drilling in and around Lake Tyler.

While the city feels it has done everything it can to insure the safety of the residents and the lake,  many who live there feel they've been shut out.

"Angry that I didn't know about it. Angry that I may have made plans to spend the rest of my life in this area and have to look at that," Lake Tyler Resident Cathy Fyfe said. "Even if it's for 10 years, 5 years, 1 year, because you don't know what can happen from it."

That uncertainty is what many residents around Lake Tyler say scares them the most. While they don't own the land they live on, or the mineral rights underneath, they hoped the City would ask for their input.

City leaders feel they've done their job, posting a notice in the newspaper and even holding a meeting after the lease was signed. But questions still remain.

"Not knowing what safety factors are involved and how much it can damage the roads the land the property values," Fyfe said. "I don't know what it would do, but if it became to where it was dangerous to where it was a problem around here with the big trucks the big rigs, I would want out."

Residents have formed a group and hope to challenge the City's lease. They say while it may be too late, they at least want their voices heard.

"I hope to go to that meeting Tuesday and find out what's going on," said Lake Tyler resident Clyde Beaty. "All we can do is make a showing and see what happens."

Residents have formed a group called the "SaveLakeTyler Association". They have planned a meeting Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at Reunion Harbor. Anyone concerned over drilling issues is welcome to attend.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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