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1/02/04 - East Texas

Congressman Ralph Hall Makes A Surprising Announcement

After more than 20 years, Congressman Ralph Hall announced he's switching to the Republican party. He says he'll run on that ticket for another term in 2004. The 80 year old has represented District 4 in Texas since 1980. During his time in Washington, D.C.,  Congressman Hall has pushed a largely conservative platform.

The congressman talked with us by phone tonight and says it was just time for a change, "Ive always said if being a Democract hurt my party or hurt my district, then I would either resign, not run, or switch parties. Well, this year I asked for appropriations ,some for the University of Texas at Tyler, some others in educational areas and I was denied those simply because I was a democrat."

Congressman Hall previously said he would not seek another term. He says pressure from constituents helped to change his mind. If approved, the newly drawn congressional map means the Congressman will lose two-thirds of his current constituents in the coming election.

Chris Gibson, reporting.
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